scientific and creative

that for twenty years has discovered effective solutions in nature to take care of health and beauty, promoting the spread of the most formidable recipe of well-being and true luxury of our times: the joy of living

The future is
our present

EffegiLab has always explored new creative territories, anticipating market demands through passionate and future-oriented research. Process and product innovation is never an exceptional event but a systemic method of daily work.
This is why tomorrow's products are on the tables of our laboratories today.
We are the ideal partner for medical spas, spa pharmacies, hotels, spas and beauty centers that wish to reserve superior treatments for proven and verifiable effectiveness.
The attitude to collaboration seals the success of these partnerships, making us the privileged interlocutors of doctors, nutritionists, veterinarians and beauty specialists who want to be ahead of the times and work on the avant-garde front with us.

Don't run alone,
but to run together

Born in Trentino,
grown up in the world

We produce nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals of organic matrix free of pollutants and friendly to the health of man, animals and the planet.
Our laboratories are equipped with the best technologies and privilege the use of active ingredients obtained through extraction techniques that avoid the use of heat and additives: supercritical fluids, ultrasounds, freeze-drying and other ways.
We give priority to preservatives, dyes and emulsifiers of vegetable origin, to perfumes purified from allergens.
Our land is Trentino, the green Italy of the Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, a source of inspiration and a collection basin for unique botanical species.
Our work material is health and, as its direct and natural consequence, beauty, which
we nourish and fortify through a proposal of supplements, cosmetics and professional treatments unique for completeness and synergistic efficacy.
Among our peaks of excellence, three substances stand out for their personality and contain the best of EffegiLab values: Fitomelatonina Francesca Ferri®, Tocotrienol FG®, Lenoil®.

We anticipate the times
delaying its effects

Nourishes the body

Supported by solid clinical expertise, our food supplements are specifically balanced
for any deficiency starting from precious raw materials, capable of producing tangible effects on the well-being of the human and animal organism.

It nourishes the soul

We exploit the positive power of pure substances, such as melatonin, one of the hormones of happiness, and phytomelatonin, both able to perform a balancing and revitalizing action even on emotions.
Not surprisingly, phytomelatonin, extracted from oats, sage and alpine yarrow and modulator of life cycles, is the symbol of EffegiLab, because it best expresses the complex richness of our approach to health, the primary source of beauty and happiness. Thus we open the doors to Psychocosmetics, through an approach oriented towards Psycho-Neuro-Endocrine-Immunology.

Nourishes the skin

With formulations that arise from a clinical rationale: through preliminary scientific studies we are
able to recognize the path of our ingredients through the skin to identify the target sites.
It is the reaching of these sites and the time spent in them by our active ingredients that determines their extraordinary effectiveness.