Food supplement based on Melatonin, Adenosine and Glycine

The production experience of Effegilab allowed to get one Melatonin with the highest degree of purity, married to Adenosine to have a particularly nutritional supplement functional.

Melatonin is known for its ability to regulate the sleep-wake rhythm but it is an extraordinarily versatile hormone.

Primarily synthesized dall'Epifisi, the Melatonin is a molecule that basically interacts with all the cells of the organism, adjusting many functions.

Its production it decreases with age, getting smaller and smaller.

Adenosine it is a nucleoside, that is, it is a sugar to which a nitrogen base is linked.

It is a molecule that naturally enters cells to perform many functions but the main one is that of form ATP which represents the maximum form of cellular energy storage.

Glycine it is the smallest and simplest amino acid.

It is found in almost all protein and particularly in the collagen.

In addition to being a fundamental constituent of many proteins, the glycine it also has a function like neurotransmitter.