A unique facial treatment for all skin types and three body treatments based on oil extracted from alpine plants rich in melatonin.

The "Phytomelatonin" revitalizes tired skin, illuminates stressed skin for the best beauty.


Rejuvenating for all skin types

A cure-all for all skin types, a treatment that offers a cutting-edge solution to skin imbalances caused by stress induced by the environment, hectic life and time.

Antiaging, lifting, illuminating and lightening.



"Extreme beauty" biostimulant

For extreme long-term body beauty, ideal for delaying effects
of aging and skin stress.

Super-moisturizing, antioxidant and revitalizing "total body" treatment.


Psychocosmetics Ritual

Totalizing anti-stress / anti-aging treatment.

Counteracts the signs of aging, promotes muscle relaxation and improves the quality of sleep and mood.



Localized firming

Deeply tightens and compacts relaxed tissues, visibly improving skin elasticity.

Restores tone, attenuates and prevents stretch marks.